ABSA CRN Approval for
5K PSI BBS™ Sand Separator

SOS Sand Technology Canada is proud to announce the long-awaited ABSA CRN approval for our newest product release, the patent pending 5,000 PSI BBS™ Sand Separator. This was the final step in the process needed before entering the Canadian market, and we have achieved this.

Now that we have Alberta acceptance, SOS Sand Technology also plans to apply to British Columbia and Saskatchewan Provinces for their approvals as well. Finalizing these processes further validates our dedication to extend our product offering into the long-awaited Canadian Market.

The patent pending design of the BBS™ is robust yet simple, includes no internal or sacrificial components and supports little to no corrosion. Our technology driven design, along with a green approach in our application, enables our product to out-perform more traditional competitor vessels in the market. Ultimately, these combined factors allow for significantly reduced operational costs (OPEX) during the life cycle of the vessel.

SOS Sand Technology plans to begin production of the 5,000 PSI BBS™ in the fall of 2020. The target completion of the first vessel is expected to be prior to year-end 2020 and contingent on our production capacity and capabilities during the fourth quarter. However, please trust that we are working diligently to efficiently integrate our latest product offering through our supply chain and into the hands of our future Canadian customers.