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Our patent-pending innovative products allow oil and gas producers to eliminate the challenges associated with downstream erosion of equipment.

BBS™ 40 Series

Key Advantages

  • At 10,000psi the BBS™ is meant to be your first line of defense at sand management. Protecting all downstream equipment from the costly effects of erosion the BBS™ Sand Filtration System is meant to take on full well bore pressure.
  • No sacrificial internal components to deflect flow. Our patented design influences the flow creating the most effective spherical sand separator in the market for sand separation.
  • Engineered to allow our customers the ability to dial in on performance the BBS™ will provide superior sand separation when compared to our competition.

Key Specifications

API6A 10,000 psi

Pressure Class

-20 to 250

Temperature Rating

145 gallons


~14,000 lbs



Material Class

The BBS™ Sand Filtration System

Key Advantages

  • The BBS™ Sand Filtration System is available with multiple filter sizes to allow our customers to further refine the performance of the BBS™.
  • Our stainless steel high strength wire wrap filters are reinforced with high flow perforated pipe ensuring a simple yet durable design.
  • Ranging from 0.025” down to 0.004” in slot size the combination of the BBS™ vessel design along with the filter elements provide our customers the range of capabilities they need to ensure the best separation and filtration possible.