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With an OSHA compliant set of stairs and railings the BBS™ System is designed to provide easy access to the newly designed and easily removable top cap assembly. This provides our customers with easy and safe access to insert and remove the filter element from the BBS™ Sand Filtration System.
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The BBS™ is a simple yet robust design providing our customers with a highly efficient spherical sand separation and filtration unit in a single package. Utilizing no sacrificial components to deflect flow the BBS™ utilizes our patent pending design providing our customers with.
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Working with our customers to identify the ideal configuration for their sand management needs SOS Sand Technology will work with our customers to support all their connection needs to ensure a simple and quick transition from one device to the next.
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Oil Gas Sand Solutions Sand Filtration System in Texas


Innovative sand separating solutions by SOS Sand Technology enable oil and gas producers to eliminate the challenges associated with downstream erosion of equipment. Identify how SOS Sand Technology can help you design your sand management system.
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Our benefits

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99% of the sand

Although conditions vary, we are able to recover up to 99% of the sand in conditions that our competitors struggle to get over 70%. With the addition of our optional filter elements, we take the BBS™ one step further in allowing our customers to dial in the performance of the BBS™.
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Robust yet simple

Our patent pending vessel design is robust yet simple with no sacrificial components deflecting the flow while continuing to out-perform our competition.
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Effective in high gas and high liquid rate applications

The BBS™ System has proven to be effective in multiple environments including high gas content and high liquids content applications.
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10,000 psi

Our BBS™ receives the sand laden fluid directly from the well, at pressures up to 10,000 psi, then utilizing a patent pending design, internally separates the sand from the produced fluids. Designed to to be upstream of all other equipment, the BBS™ is meant to protect the customer from costly erosion and the associated downtime.

Engineered to be the most effective spherical sand separation device on the market

The BBS™ design implements our patent pending approach to centrifugal sand separation exceeding our customers' expectations on removing sand from produced fluids. The BBS™ provides the Oil and Gas Market with the ability to dial in performance with the ability to install optional filter elements to the internal body of the sphere providing an additional level of performance for our customers.
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What our clients say

As a team of dependable and experienced individuals, we work with transparency and customer-focus. We are all accountable for safety, quality and continuous improvement.


Lead Operator
If it were my call, I would have one of these on every job.

Vaca Muerta

The BBS™ has allowed us to handle sand with an aggressive hole opening regimen without any problems. On the other hand, for the production period (post Flowback) the filter allows us to monitor the direct pressure remotely by lowering our operating costs.


Your sand can is the best one on the market.

Vaca Muerta

The storage capacity of sand increases by 10 times the capacity of an 11" conventional sand trap, creating the possibility of extending the period between drains.

Where we operate

With over 110 BBS™ vessels in our current install base across the globe, SOS Sand Technology has already expanded its global footprint exponentially since its inception in 2016.
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